Accomplished Chicago Style Research Paper Outline

Chicago Style Research Paper Outline as Foundation of a Good Paper

When writing your research paper, one of the most important aspects that you should take into consideration would be its format. For many, the technical factor of their paper is easily overlooked which compromises the quality of their research paper. Good Chicago Style research paper outline as well as medical research paper outline or marketing research paper format is not only a foundation on a winning paper but allows you to effectively organize the ideas and concepts that you will be presenting. By complying with the guidelines of Chicago style research paper outline, you can maximize the impact of your paper by influencing your readers efficiently.

Tips on Proper Use of Chicago Style Research Paper Format

The first thing that you should do is familiarize yourself with the correct instructions and rules if you want your paper to use the best Chicago style research paper outline. You can also view samples online in which will give you better access to reliable source that will help you learn the basics and complex aspect of formatting and outlining your research paper. The quality of your research paper is basically the reflection of your writing skills and expertise hence the importance of adhering with correct Chicago style research paper format.

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Sample Chicago Style Research Paper Outline

The Texas Revolution

I Introduction: Texas Revolution Influenced by American Revolution

a. Fight for Independence was an American cause

1. Similarity: fighting against tyranny

b. Famous Legends Born in Texas Revolution

1. Moses Austin and Old 300

2. Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Stephen Austin

c. Texas Revolution sparked more westward expansion

1. American continued to expand

2. Acquisition of Texas: biggest state

II supporting Paragraph #1: Moses Austin and Old 300 move to Texas

a. Move from Missouri

1. Difficulties travelling

2. What they were looking for

b. Settle in Central Texas

1. Near Colorado River

2. Mostly unsettled area, a few Mexicans

3. Native Americans scattered

c. Set up a Community

1. Thousands more join over next 10 years

2. Land in Texas perfect for farming and a lot if it

III Supporting Paragraph #2: Issues with Mexico and Mexican Government

a. Texas does not want to follow Mexican laws

1. Must convert to Catholicism

2. Must learn Spanish language

b. Many Texans do not respect Mexican culture

c. Most Texans want to form separate state

d. Many Texas start disobeying laws

1. Stephen Austin travels to Mexico City to negotiate

i. He get arrested and jailed

ii Mexico sends troops North to Texas

IV Supporting Paragraph #3: Beginning of War

a. First Conflict at Battle of Goliad

1. Easy Mexican victory

i 405 Texan deaths, 23 Mexican

2. Many Texan hear about Goliad, became angry

V Conclusion