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Sample 5 Page Research Paper Outline


Using the Library and Other Information Sources

I. Introduction to the Library

a. Programs of orientation and instruction

1. Pamphlets, handbooks and other materials

2. Orientation tours, lectures and courses

b. Books about the library (Include examples)

Ii. The Central Information System

a. The Online Central catalog

1. Definition and Description

2. Searching the Online Catalog

a. Searching by author, title, subject and keywords

b. Limiting the Search

c. Using Boolean Logic

(1) Definition of Boolean Logic

(2) Examples of Boolean Logic

3. Information Accessed from the Online Catalog

b. Information needed for research and writing

c. The card catalog and other catalogs

d. The central information system

Iii Reference Works

a. Types of Reference Works

1. Indexes

2. Bibliographies

3. Collection of Abstracts

4. Guides to Research

5. Dictionaries

6. Encyclopedias

7. Biographical Sources

8. Yearbooks

9. Atlases

b. Publication Forms of Reference Works

c. Searching a Reference Database

IV Location of Library Materials

a. Classification Systems

1. Dewey Decimal System

2. Library of Congress System

b. Main Collection

V Conclusion