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Title: Home as an Important Role for Security and Stability


1. Definition of a Home

a. What needs the home fulfills

i. Current state of our relationship with homes

(1) “Home is where the heart is”

(2) “Home sweet home”

(3) Home as a returning point to homesick

b. Psychology of “homes”

i Belonging

ii. Ownership

iii. Family and Relationships

iv. Privacy


2. Definition of New Nomadism

a. Nomadism: definition

i Criteria of being named a Modern Nomad

(1) Certain time spent without a permanent home

(2) Is modern nomadism a structured organization?

b. Difference between nomadism and homelessness


3. Replacing the needs other the home fulfills

a. Psychological

1. Using human interaction to replace physical “home”

2. The effect of human relationships being fickle in terms of finding alternative to find a sense of belonging


4. Replacing the physical needs the home fulfills

a. Shelter, heating, cooling, storage

b. A system of storage facilities and other temporary living areas

i. has to be sanitized

ii how do actual homes differ from improvised shelter

5. Conclusion