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Writing a marketing paper can be time consuming which is why you should be able to make use of effective techniques as for you to easily accomplish a winning paper without compromising its overall quality. Many writers are using correct marketing research paper outline, business research paper outline or blank outline for research paper as this allows them to brainstorm better ideas for their papers. In fact, outline is proven to make the entire process of writing your research paper a lot easier. You can also use your marketing research paper outline as a writing guide that will allow you to stay on track.

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When you are introducing your readers to a number of information, it can easily become a lot confusing especially if they have minimal knowledge on your topic. The best solution is for you to use a good marketing research paper outline; with an outline, you can easily organize your ideas and break down complex arguments into smaller ones as for better impact to your readers. Make sure that your research paper uses the right format as this can help you improve the overall excellence of your research.

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Being a Smart Consumer in a Technologically Abundant Generation

I Introduction

Thesis statement: The availability of new and best digital technology make the entire process of choosing the right device for you can be confusing.

II E-book readers and the way people read

a. Books are easy to access and carry around

1. Electronic downloads

2. Storage in memory for hundreds of books

b. Expanding market

1. E-book readers from booksellers

2. E-book readers from electronics and computer companies

c. Limitations of current e-book readers

1. Incompatible features from one brand to the next

2. Borrowing and sharing e-books

III Film cameras replaced by digital cameras

a. Three types of digital cameras

1. Compact digital cameras

2. Single lens reflex cameras or SLR’s

3. Cameras that combine the best features of both

b. The confusing “megapixel wars”

c. The zoom lens battle

IV The confusing choice among televisions

a. I080p vs 768p

b. Plasma screens vs. LCDs

c. Home media centers

V Conclusions

a. How to be a wise consumer