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Sample Academic Research Paper OutlineIf you want to make sure that your research paper is well written, you should be able to use the best outline. Outlining is a great solution for those who are constantly stuck in some areas of their research paper. Academic research paper outline as well as MLA research paper outline or outline for research paper APA allows you to easily see how ideas and arguments are related; this gives your paper better structure as you can cluster in the right information accordingly. In fact, with academic research paper outline, you will be able to visualize how ideas fit well within the main subject of your paper.

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Consider your academic research paper outline as a skeleton in which you can hang ideas on depending on which group well together. In the writing process, your outline can serve as guide on which areas you need to improve and eliminate. Tentative outlining will serve you well as for the research and writing process a lot less time consuming. Make sure that you choose the best academic research paper format as this will guide you throughout in crafting your research paper.

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Gender and Development


I Introduction to Gender Studies

a. Difference between Sex and Gender

b. Difference between Women’s Studies and Gender Studies

c. Multi disciplinary Nature of Gender Studies

d. Importance of Gender Studies as a Subject

e. Gender and Development

f. Effect of Development Process on Men and Women

II Introduction to Key Terms and Concepts Related to Gender

a. Gender Lens

b. Sex disaggregated Data

c. Gender Discrimination

d. Gender Gap

e. Gender Sensitization

f. Gender Equality and Equity

g. Gender Justice

h. Women empowerment

i. Gender socialization

j. Importance of gender analysis in framing policies

III Approaches to Gender and Development

a. The Welfare Approach

b. The Women in Development Approach

c. Gender and Development Approach

d. The Efficiency Approach

e. The Gender and Environment Approach

IV Gender and Language

a. Sensitive Language

b. Gender Significance of Gender Sensitive Language

c. Gender Based Language vs. Gender Neutral Language

V Conclusion