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Writing a good research paper demands a great deal of time and dedication, if you want to make sure that you are able to submit a quality paper, be sure to adapt good senior project research paper ideas. One of the most proven effective methods that you can exercise is by outlining. By using a good senior project research paper outline, legal research paper outline or correct sociology research paper outline, you can easily defeat writer’s block given that you will now have an idea on which areas to research and focus on. In fact, senior project research paper outline is proven to stimulate flawless writing and easily cluster in information that will establish the overall excellence of your paper.

Senior Project Research Paper Ideas for Better Impact

One of the main advantages of writing a research paper outline is that this shows areas that you need to improve; this way, you will be able to research and analyze better that will subsequently improve the overall impact of your paper. Remember that the goal of your research paper is to inform your readers on the importance of your topic. To do this effectively, you should use senior project research paper outline in which can help you easily get started on your paper in a more time saving manner.

Sample of Senior Project Research Paper Outline

Creating an Efficient Method for Successful Project Plan

I Introduction

II Develop Project Plan

1. Create Work Breakdown Structure

a. Divide the project into major deliverables

b. List all major activity groups for each deliverable

c. Breakdown the activity groups into specific tasks

d. Submit work breakdown project sponsor

e. WBS approved and finalized

2. Develop Network Diagram

a. Organize WBS into Logical Sequence

i Show all Work Packages (deliverables)

ii Establish dependencies (predecessors and successors)

iii Identify major milestones

iv Diagram tasks and milestones

b. Complete Network Diagram

3. Determine Resource Requirements

a. Develop Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

i Show major project activities

ii Show project team members and key stakeholders

iii Determine level of participation by resource

iv RAM delivery to project sponsor

b. RAM approved and finalized

4. Develop Project Budget

a. Develop Resource Loaded Schedule for each Work Package

b. Bottom up Estimate for each Work package

c. List Assumptions for each estimate

d. Include indirect costs

e. Summarize budget

f. Finalize Budget as Cost Baseline

5. Provide Project Organization

6. Specify the Change Control Methodology

7. Define Project Constraints, Assumptions and Risks

8. Create a Communications Plan

9. Provide Quality Management Plan

10 Development Procurement Plan

III Conclusion