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Although many are writing their research paper without the use of outline, it is still one of the most proven methods in order for you to ensure the quality of your paper. When you prepare your analytical research paper outline, psychology research paper outline or preliminary outline for research paper before you write it, you can definitely benefit not only in improving its overall excellence but also in making sure that you will be able to do it within the given time. For most, the use of a good analytical research paper outline is an effective guide as for you to avoid staying off track.

Writing an Analytical Research Paper Using a Good Outline

Your research paper serves as a good tool as for you showcase your expertise which is why you should invest time and dedication as to guarantee its excellence. With a good analytical research paper outline, you will be able to center on the most relevant arguments that will help support your main thesis statement. Writing an analytical research paper does not have to be a stressful task especially when you can simply adopt techniques that will enable you to create a better paper.

Sample of Analytical Research Paper Outline

Link Between Educational Attainment and Health

I Introduction

  1. Thesis Statement: The rate in educational attainment is currently in decline while the cost of healthcare is on increase in the United States.
      1. Relationship of income deficit to inclination to depression.
      2. Relationship of high school drop outs to physical and mental problems.
  2. Target population class: Low skilled adult workers

II Background

  1. Historical Employment Overview
    1. The importance of union to attain adequate compensation.
    2. Salary difference before and after.
  2. Historical Healthcare Overview
    1. The importance of getting healthcare and benefits for healthy workers.
    2. Productivity linked to healthy workers.
  3. Current Relation between Education and Employment Type
    1. The increase of uneducated workers in low skilled jobs.
    2. Relationship between low skilled job and poor compensation.
  4. Gaps in the Research
    1. Limited study exploring health implications of the current conditions in low skilled jobs.

III Main Argument 1: Conditions of Employment Affect Worker’s Physical Health

A. Low skilled work environment and the rate of workers’ injury.

B. Low skilled work environment has little or does not support adequate injury recovery time.

IV Main Argument 2: Conditions of Employment Affect Workers’ Mental Health

  1. Low skilled jobs and its relations with dangerous level of stress.
  2. Stress is linked with mental health issues.

V Main Argument 3: Physical Health and Mental Health Linked Directly with One Another

  1. Mental and physical health problems are highly related
  2. Manifestation of stress into physical form which could have effect on the society.

VI Main Argument 4: People with financial difficulties experience more stress and poor physical health.

  1. Many high school dropouts experience financial problems.
  2. Financial difficulties are liked with poor lifestyle choices like abuse of alcohol, unhealthy choice of food, chain smoking, abusive relationships, debt, etc.

VII Conclusion